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What does the law require in a real estate contract?

If you are selling your home in Florida, it is essential to ensure you have a legal contract. While you may have professionals who create the contract for you, knowing the proper elements required by law will help you to understand the process better and ensure the contract you use is completely legal and valid. The Florida Realtors explain what you must have in your real estate contract.

Sears spinoff making a mint redeveloping unprofitable stores

Since its founding in 1892, Sears has been locating stores in prime areas. While the retailer itself is struggling, a spinoff company called Seritage Growth Properties is taking advantage of that prime real estate by buying up underperforming locations and redeveloping them into luxury retail centers, offices and even residences.

Thinking about building a boundary fence with your neighbor?

There's a line from a Robert Frost poem, "good fences make good neighbors." Whether or not that's true, you may be considering building a fence on your property. If you're lucky, at least one neighbor would like a fence, too, and is willing to share the cost of the shared fence. Is it a good idea to work with your neighbor to build a boundary fence?

Customized purchase agreements could benefit short sale buyers

Investors in Florida who pick up properties as short sales might get good value, but they must protect their interests. The purchase agreement forms the backbone of the deal just like any other type of real estate purchase. An investor has the option of working independently or partnering with a real estate agent. Either approach requires careful attention to the details.

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