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Cybersecurity threats for businesses

In today’s world, cybersecurity issues can have major impacts on businesses. There are all kinds of important customer and financial data held by companies. This makes businesses a target for hackers. Some estimates point to cyberattacks against companies having gone up nearly two-fold over the past five years.

A business can suffer great harm when its data is compromised by such an attack. For one, major financial losses can come from such a breach. A data breach could also hurt a company’s reputation and erode consumer trust in the business.

Succumbing to a cyberattack could also cause a host of complicated legal issues to arise for a business. What happens with such legal matters could have major implications for a company’s future.

So, cyberattack prevention can be incredibly important for businesses. One key step for business owners on this front is being aware of what cybersecurity threats are out there. Another is taking measures to ensure the officers and employees of their companies also have such awareness. Knowing what threats are out there could help with spotting potential attacks before they have a chance to do damage and cause a breach.

There are a range of different cyber-attacks businesses could end up facing. Three common ones are:

  • Watering hole attacks: This is when a hacker determines what websites a certain class of targets are likely to regularly frequent, and infects these websites in order to compromise the targets’ cybersecurity.
  • Tabnabbing: This is when a hacker puts imposter websites into the tabs of a target’s browser to try to trick the target into giving up login information.
  • Credentialed phishing email attacks: In this type of attack, a hacker sends the target an email that looks like it is from a legitimate source to try to get the target to give out sensitive information.

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